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Our Right Worshipful Master,

Bro. William J. Boyle

welcomes you to our website.

21st January 2021

R.W.Ms. Update. (Covid 19)  

Hello Brethren, I hope and pray you and your family are safe and well. With the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine we may be turning a corner. I was hoping my message to you would have been one of news of when we can start meetings again, however in the last update from the Grand Master Mason on the meeting of the Heads of Orders it was unanimously agreed that meetings of all Orders in Scotland will remain suspended for the foreseeable future with the Heads of Orders meeting again in June to review the situation .

In the meantime, the business of the Lodge continues to be overseen by the Treasurer Bro Ian Duncan P.M., the Secretary Bro David McMorris P.M. and myself. 

Finally, please stay safe and look after each other. 

Yours sincerely and fraternally: R.W.M. Bro. William J. Boyle. 


Lodge Burns Immortal No. 1730, although young in years, is steeped in the Tradition of Scottish Freemasonry.
The very name conjures up thoughts of our National Heritage.
Within our Temple Brethren who differ in social ideals.
Within our Temple Brethren who differ in Modes of Thought.
Within our Temple Brethren who differ in Habits of Life are able to meet around a common Altar, share a common Hope and seek a common Ideal.
That Ideal is the building of a Universal Temple of peace, Harmony and Brotherhood.
Brethren who visit are welcomed with the spirit of the poem penned by Robert Burns

Now sir, if ye hae friends enow,
Tho' real friends, I b'lieve, are few,
Yet, if your calalogue be fou,
I'se no insist,
But gif ye want ae friend that's true
I'm on your list.

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A' ye who Social pleasure charms,
Whose heart the tide of kindness warms
Wha hold your being on such terms
Each aid the other
Come to my bowl
Come to my arms,
My Friend My Brother



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