Picture from Burns Immortal 1730 Installation on 30th jan 2016.from left to right.

Treasurer Bro. Ian H. Duncan P.M. Substitute Provincial Grand Masters Bro. Norman M. Carnegy RWM Bro. William Stewart. Secretary Bro. David W. McMorris P.M.

(Installation Venue - Lodge St. Brydes, 579, Uddingston.)



PGM Bro. William A. Perry visiting Burns Immortal 1730 on 27th Aug 2016, pictured here with our own RWM Bro. William Stewart.

FC Degree Aug 2016.jpg


Burns Immortals Regular meeting August 2015.

 Reining Masters Aug 2015.JPG

RWM Brither Jas, D, Brown accompanied by a fine group Reining Masters, who conferred the Fellow Craft degree on three of Burns Immortals EA's

                                                                                                                      Iain in full regailia.JPG            RWM and RRWM.JPG

    3 new FC and RRWM.JPG  DKelly Harmony.JPG                                             





Burns Immortal 1730 Installation 2015.

RWM1730 -2.jpgRWM DS and Master Elect.jpgRWM557 RWM1730.jpgVisitin Provincial.jpgIan Brown PM DS IPM SC.jpgthe three amegoes three of Burns Immortals Favourite sons.jpgSPGM SC and RWM1730.jpgTam & Meg.jpgSM Piper and Jim (Meg) Lees feel a little horse.jpg

Rwm WITH Keith .JPG




RWM Douglas C Slimming Visits Lodge Thistle & Saltire in Germany.

He is pictured here with RW Master Udo Vongehr who is a member of Lodge Douglas  1557


dcs reign masters.JPG 

RWM DC Slimming with the Reigning Masters who produced an exceptional EA degree on 3  Burns Immortal candidates


RWM DC Slimming trying out something for some new harmony, Stick to the squeese box ;o)



RWM DC Slimming on a visit to Lodge Scotia No 340 Barbados and with him are the W.M. Bro Joel Wymple Headley and his two Wardens




Bros Ian & Reg discussing, how has your tie got stripesWink


Brother Dougie Brown PM.jpg

Bro Jas Dougie Brown PM enjoying his wee bit of Harmony at 1557

Two well known Brothers.jpg

Two well known Brothers on our visit to Lodge Douglas 1557

Bro David McMorris PM & Bro Jack Brown PM. 30/05/14




Lodge Installation on 25th January 2014


DW McMorris PM Secretary with the two Masters he installed this session - RWM DC Slimming 1730 and RWM LC Fisher 1557



RWM DC Slimming with 'his' RWM - Brother John Murray MBE Lodge Livingstone Stonefield No 599



RWM with his guests from the English Constitution



Our Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Douglas C Slimming visiting Stechford Lodge No.3185,  Birmingham. Pictured with their new RWM and IPM.

alms box.JPG

 Our Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Douglas C Slimming accepting the gift of an Alms box from the RWM of Stechford Lodge No.3185,  Birmingham. 


 RWM Bro Ian H. Duncan (centre) with Installing Masters Bro David McMorris and Bro Gordon Mather


Burns Immoprtal Token to commemorate the Annual Burns MeetingTam & Meg.jpg

Burns Token.jpg