PM Bro. Alasdair M, Dunlop


 03-07-1954 -:- 01-09-2014


A valuable member of the craft. An ambassador for his mother lodge and all other affiliated lodges and constitutions. A passion to take it to the next level and join other orders. Yes, he was totally Devoted and dedicated to all aspects of freemasonry.

Alasdair was initiated into Lodge St Bryde 579 and became one of the lodge’s favourite sons. A lodge in which he had been Right Worshipful Master not once, not twice but three times in his distinguished career.

Alasdair was also a Pass Master of Burns Immortal 1730 where he was held in very high esteem and served as Tyler for a number of years, His contribution and help to raise funds for the Lodge Charities was outstanding and he loved the responsibility to manage the bar.

As Tyler of any lodge a brother must have certain qualities, he must be dedicated, Loyal and a lover of the craft. All these qualities Alasdair had in abundance.

PM Alasdair was also a member of various other Lodges, giving the same admiration to each equally.

  • Lodge Meridian 1779
  • Thomas Harper Lodge (9612 EC)
  • Mount Lodge (6654 EC) Immediate Past Master
  • Senatores Lodge of Installed Masters (8966 EC)
  • Civil War Lodge (1865 of West Virginia USA)

PM Alasdair was also involved with various other orders of Freemasonry.

Alasdair Dunlop will not just die and fade away. He will live in our hearts, in our minds and in our memories.

Alasdair Dunlop, we will never see the likes of you again.